Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jelly Manicure

I have been wanting to try some of that jelly nail polish, and last night I couldn’t wait any longer. I of course didn’t have any at home, but due to my need of instant gratification, it needed to be done immediately so I made my own. You can do this as well and you probably have most of the supplies already.

You need a bottle of clear nail polish that is at least partially empty. Then you need to pick some colors to use. I chose a pink nail polish and a clear gold glittery one to make your jelly polish.

You will want to pour in a few drops at a time of your colored polish into the clear bottle and shake. I had to continue doing this a few times until the clear nail polish was showing the pink color but was still opaque. After that I poured in some of the glitter polish, this did not work as well as I had hoped and the glitter polish kept clumping together. I had to shake it incessantly so feel free to skip adding the glitter polish (unless your right arm needs a work out).

Now comes the fun part, but admittedly, it's pretty tedious - you need a lot of coats. You will start painting: first, paint two coats of your new jelly polish and let dry. Then I used the glitter polish above and did one coat. Follow with another coat of jelly, then another coat of glitter and then one to two more coats of Jelly.

Now you are finallllyyy finished. Instead of having a manicure with glitter on top you now have floating glitter. The polish is layered and your nails end up with a psychedelic kind of effect. Like a lava lamp, but with glitter instead of lava, so a glitter's just very cool.

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