Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Nails

So it's officially the Holiday season and I'm ready for some seasonal nails. Not quite ready for a Christmas tree or a Menorah but need to get in the spirit!

$8 Color Club Polish in Disco Nap
$14 Julep Polish in Demi Bombshell

I started my painting my nails in Julep Demi Bombshell which is a deep oxblood color and makes me feel merry. Seriously merry.


After letting those dry, I stuck on my tape to make a straight line. I painted a very thick French manicure with gold. I used Color Club Disco Nap

 And yet again dry time... I was very productive shopping online.

Then I used my tiny gems bought at a craft store. In case you haven noticed, I am newly obsessed with gemming my nails. 

Paint a coat of clear nail polish on your ring finger and apply the gold gems just above the French manicure. I picked up the gems with tweezers to apply them. I used the Point Tweezers by Tweezerman. These have a super fine point which makes the gems easy to pick up. On that note they are also amazing at grabbing teeny tiny super fine hairs!

$22 Tweezerman Point Tweezer

Of course you want to put a top coat on your nails to make them shine. Pay close attention to your ring finger where the gems are. You will want to do a thick top coat over the gems so they don't fall off. Enjoy the daily compliments you are sure to get on your beautiful holiday fingers.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,



  1. Love that combo - classic and fresh! Any ideas on using those colors for a pedicure? I dont think i would want to do tips on my toes

    1. You could try doing all of the toes in the deep red and then use a tooth pick and do a tiny flower on your big toe.

  2. Again! Nail art is flawless! Will be trying this at home!