Friday, November 30, 2012

What We're Wearing

Today I am wearing a must have: MOR Cosmetics Lip Macaron. One of the most moisturizing products. I have trouble admitting my faults (surprising, right?). But I have to be honest: all winter long I suffer from chapped lips. It's awful, basically debilitating. No, I am NOT being dramatic. Moving on... I have finally found the magic answer in Lip Macaron. They come in a variety of delicious flavors: Sorbet, Peach Nectar, Rosebud, Blood Orange, Cassis Noir and Lychee Flower. My absolute favorite is French Vanilla: amazingly sweet and my lips smell good enough to eat. Most importantly, something that finally lets me say goodbye to chapped lips that isn't a gross chap stick made for skiers. (I can say that because I am, of course, an amazing skier. Speaking of which why hasn't Daddy called me to let me know when we leave for Vail? Don't worry I'm on it.) Go have hydrated, kissable chap-free lips.

$10.00 MOR Cosmetics Lip Macaron

Perfectly Glossed (not chapped) Kisses,


HI I AM STILL DEAF BECAUSE I STOOD NEXT TO THE SPEAKERS AT A SHOW LAST NIGHT AND NOW I’M PRETTY SURE I’M SHOUTING AT EVERYONE SO APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE I ENCOUNTER TODAY - but I’ll spare you the e-shouting. Anyway, I’m not sure when different variations of a school girl look became my go-to, but it’s what I do when I oversleep or have like no time to get ready. I reach for a button-down shirt, a sweater and a skirt, in any combination. Since most of my clothing is a little edgier, I like to think I’m making this grunge-meets-French-girl-chic thing happen, but it probably just looks like I’m getting nostalgic for my private school uniform days. Whatevs. So today’s combination is built around my Opening Ceremony cat sweater – one of my favorites. It’s layered over a technicolor Navajo-inspired flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters and because I felt like there still wasn’t enough chaos in the neck area, I added a rainbow-hued crystal necklace. Topped off with more look-at-me in the form of my gold-plated YSL loafers. Sixteen-year-old uniform-wearing me WISHES she had these.

Handbags and Hugs,



  1. I am always on the hunt for a new lip balm, because mine never seem to cut it. I think this will have to be on list. Thanks!!

    1. Yes it's amazing, stocking stuffer for you!

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