Monday, November 19, 2012

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

The holidays are here already and that is terrifying. We all know this is the most challenging time of the year for eating anything close to healthy, but it's also one of the best times of the year. I mean, presents are coming soon. I'm never sure what to wear for Thanksgiving - I mean, you're supposed to look nice, but you are just sitting in the house all day. (And last year I made the unsettling mistake of wearing my new Alexander Wang sleeveless tuxedo jacket while helping my mother prep some tortes and it resulted in floured lapels so aprons are crucial, people.) I actually have two Thanksgivings, one with the family and one with the Boyfriend's family. Mine is pretty dressy, but Boyfriend's is pretty casz, or however you spell half the word "casual." So, I figured, I'd suggest both types of T-day outfits in case you're stumped. 

Here is a dressier option:

$120 at TopShop
This dress is perfect because it's modern yet opulent, and its trapezey shape is ideal for overeating.

$17.59 at Asos
You could just wear plain black tights, or you could go bold and do a li'l print clash. Depends on how conservative your T-day is, I s'pose. But the results of this contrast could be epic.

$34 at Frock Candy
These gold-tipped shoes are perfect for this outfit, and you'll get tons of use out of such a classic pair all year round.

We're going bold, right? Take this look in a baroque direction with this bauble.

And for a more casual look...

Graphic sweaters are all the rage, and the cutest form of the trend are the sweet animal sweaters popping up from all different brands. You could splurge on an Aubin & Wills one, or you can get the look for just $30 from Old Navy.

Skinny corduroys are a casual wardrobe must anyway, so you might as well get them in a great autumny hue. This 7 for all mankind pair is $125 at Piperlime.

These tweed ankle boots are a textural departure from their expected leather cousins - and will definitely add a kick of tactile cool to your look. $68.99 at ModCloth.

Handbags, Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving,


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