Friday, November 9, 2012

What We're Wearing

It is officially undeniable, winter has arrived. You will pile on the layers: jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. So fine, I am happy for you that your body is warm on your walk to the subway, but I think you forgot something... no, not your Burberry shearling boots, your face! Relax, I am not suggesting that you wear this:

But I am suggesting ordering you to keep your skin moisturized in this chilly weather. The cold zaps your skin of moisture and it can leave you dry and flaky. I use BeautyRx Replenishing Moisture Cream, this leaves my skin hydrated and soft. While I love this for winter, it’s great for all year. (Please try to use an SPF on your skin every. day. of. the. year.)

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Since obviously we would be shopping anyway, Sutton and I figured stopping by Lucky Magazine's event at H&M was a must. They had two of our favorite, impossibly cool bloggers, Brooklyn Blonde and East.Sleep.Wear pick their favorite H&M pieces. Hand-picked fashion at H&M prices? Yes, please. There was more, though. A braid station, a make-up station (proving everyone can rock a red lip) and a style consultant station were on hand to give you the most effortlessly chic makeover ever. Sutton and I were so smitten with our expertly crafted braids that we figured we had to go out and make a night of it - how often do we have such well-styled hair? So, yes, people, because we spent the rest of the evening with friends at Bemelman's, I am cheating on today's What We're Wearing post. So sue me. I mean, don't, because then I won't be able to shop anymore and therefore, won't have much to blog about except sad, tear-stained rants about how depressed I am that someone sued me. 
ANWAY, I'm wearing this sweater today, but I rolled out of bed just in time to make it to work, no picture-snapping time was to be had. That's where the cheat comes in: this is me wearing the sweater a few weeks ago, when the weather still wasn't freezing. It's an open-knit ombre sweater from Urban Outfitters, and here I'm wearing it with an Adam skirt and Pendleton bag, and clashing it with some leopard-paneled Ann Taylor loafers. (Yup, Ann Taylor, and what?) Today I'm wearing it with leather leggings, big whoop.

Handbags and Hugs, 


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