Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: Tom Binns-Style Neon Crystal Bracelet

Hi, my name is Astor and I'm a Tom Binns-aholic. Neon painted crystals and cameos, like WHAT? The only problem is, a Tom Binns habit is basically more expensive to support than...well, a drug habit. Especially for the statement-making baubles I obsess over. 

On a note that might seem unrelated but is about to get a whole lot related, I have a lot of really bad jewelry left over from formal events. Like prom, weddings, all that black tie jazz. Since those kinds of occasions aren't that often, my formalwear fashion sense evolved years later than my day-to-day fashion sense. Sure, you could catch me wearing Kitson wrap bracelets any given Tuesday (this is years ago, people), but when it came to accessorizing a gown, I thought it had to be that cheesy, glitzy, suburban strip mall crystal jewelry. So, I have a lot of that stuff lying around, garbage wonders from Claire's, Camille (bridal store, don't ask), etc. 

Now this ish is about to get related. What do you when you can't afford your neon crystal addiction and you have a lot of tacky crystal jewelry lying around? OH. I think you see where I'm going with this. And people, it's so simple, it's going to bring tears to your eyes. Or, maybe that's the nail polish fumes but who's to say?

First, grab that piece of loveliness from David's Bridal you called a crystal bracelet. Then pick some neon nail polishes - two, three, four - go nuts, it's neon.

Now: paint. I know, it's rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or, as Kat Von D would say, "rocket surgery" - which is either a mistake or she's referring to a practice that makes rocket science and brain surgery look like kindergarten-level stuff. Anyway, just create a pattern. My bracelet was just square crystals, so I started by painting alternating crystals one color to create a checkerboard-esque motif.

Just as you would with your nails, seal the deal with a layer of clear nail polish to prevent chipping. And voila! Radioactive sparkle.

Handbags and Hugs,


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