Monday, July 15, 2013

Shop Only the Best of the Best with Rank & Style

It’s 4PM and you just realized you haven’t done any work in four hours. There’s a slightly-more-than-remote possibility you’re going to get fired. What happened? You took a break around lunchtime to search casually for that perfect pair of skinny jeans. You need a pair, you had a few spare minutes, you figured why not spend them browsing the internet for a style you want. The problem? There are 9,634,702 pairs of skinny jeans on the internet. You can set your standards at certain brands, certain price points – doesn’t matter. It’s a black hole out there. How do you find the perfect pair? How do you have time to do ANYTHING else in your life?!

I don’t know about you, but I often take to finding lists in magazines and on blogs. If I can find a list of “the perfect skinny jeans” on, say, Lucky Magazine, then I can look through a list of already pre-approved styles to shop from – they all have the thumbs up, and I can get some inspiration for what I want. The problem is, you can even get overwhelmed searching the thousands of magazines and blogs for these lists, and you still might not find one for what you’re looking for. Enter Rank & Style, the one-stop shopping destination for lists. Lists, I love lists! Who doesn’t? This makes shopping – and therefore, life – a million times easier and more inspiring.

Rank & Style uses an algorithm to compile top ten lists of, well, everything. They find the most popular items at the best value and put them into a top ten set so you can just skip the endless internet search and go right to Rank & Style to pick from the green-lit, pre-approved items. Need bright flat sandals? Don’t spend the next two days searching every site, just go right to Rank & Style for a list like this, and boom. These are the best, most popular bright flat sandals on the internet. From five billion to ten. You’ll be inspired and you’ll find your perfect pair.

This basically defines user-friendly. Rank & Style actually makes the entire internet user-friendly. You can even request a top ten list if you can’t find it on their site – though you will find almost everything you can dream of there. So, go check it out and experience this new effortless, fun form of online shopping – I mean, that IS what shopping’s supposed to be, right? 

So go now, sign up at Rank and Style here. Let me know what you find from their lists and love and even buy!

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