Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SOF Style Icon: Iggy Pop

I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to my style icons, and I get so inspired and like, nostalgic for times I didn’t even experience when I look at it. I wanted to sort of embrace some of these people and their thought-provoking images even more, so I thought I’d start highlighting them one at a time in a regular post. Nothing crazy analytical – I’m starting with Iggy Pop today but I’m not going to write a thesis on why he was so influential in music and style, there are plenty of books and articles out there that do that. And because, really, I think you either connect with someone like this or you don’t. You feel it. A lot of you will look at this and think “Iggy Pop? Um, no?” because you don’t connect with him on any sort of style-inspiration level, and some of you will instantly get it. And there will be future “style icons” I post on that will get the exact opposite reaction from these different teams of thought. Without further ado, I give you pictures of a man whose influence on the way anyone dresses is ironic since he so often chooses to forego a shirt all together. 'bout them Varvatos ads!

Iggy and Johnny, from



Via Last FM

Via Beryll


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