Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Saturday 16

If you don't remember from last year, Super Saturday was July 27th. My absolute favorite day of the year. Better then my birthday, Christmas, Chanukah all rolled into one. I save my pennies all year long for this event. (And fine, Daddy does spoil me a bit at this event every year because I tell him to forgo birthday gifts and all of the money is donated to charity). OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) hosts this event and raises money for their cause. I am so pumped about all of my purchases and all the money I saved that I just need to share it with you. If this doesn't convince you to buy a ticket next year I don't know what will!

Siwy Camilla Blossom Flower Denim Shorts
Retail $110
Paid $50

C Wonder Striped Cardigan
Retail $88
Paid $20

DL1961 Emma in Fool's Gold
Retail $168
Paid $60

DL1961 Emma in Nevis
Retail $168
Paid $60

Tommy Hilfiger Pocket Shirt With Piping
Retail $98
Paid $20

MIH Jeans, The Marrakesh, Mid-Rise, Kick Flare in Greyson
Retail $198
Paid $70

OKA b. Maxine Thong Sandals in Hot Chocolate and Pearl
Retail $40 each, total $80
Paid $15 each, total $30

Banana Republic Ipad Case
Retail $69
Paid $10

ICB Pebble Striped Shirt
Retail $300
Paid $60

ICB Tweed Jacket
Retail $625
Paid $150

Total Retail: $1,904
Total Paid: $539


Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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