Thursday, July 25, 2013

From The Lab Beauty Box Review

From The Lab is a new monthly beauty box. called it one of the best new beauty subscription boxes! Unlike any other beauty box, this one only sends you brand new products from the world's best beauty labs. No need to wait for the products to hit shelves, you will experience them first! Who doesn't want to try the industry's most cutting edge products ASAP? After being approved, tested and ready for the market, you will get a sneak peak. I also must say that I loved the packaging - no chance of spillage here! (And they are full-size products, no tiny samples.)

This month's box came with two products, the first being Eye Cream No. 579. This moisturizing, anti-aging cream will leave your eyes looking rested, smoother, more even-looking skin. It's cooling and refreshing, and removes bags and puffiness. The delicate areas around your eyes are now protected from environmental damage - it binds heavy metals which protects and minimizes aging effects from free radicals and heavy metal stress. Innovative? Very much so!

The second product I got in the box was 24-Hour Face Cream No. 578. Amazingly, this cream keeps your skin hydrated, soft and toned. THE 24-Hour Face Cream is the perfect product for you lazy girls. It has antipollution agents that neutralize free radicals by binding heavy metals and protecting skin from environmental damage on your face, just like the eye cream does.

I feel like a total beauty know-it-all using the most up to date products on the market and you will too!

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