Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Say It with Jewelry: The Strongly Worded Micro Trend

Sometimes, a trend just gets you. That’s how I feel about this new micro trend of obscene-word jewelry. This trend and I are soulmates. It understands that sometimes, saying the words aren’t enough. You need to wear them all day. This look isn’t for everyone, it might even be borderline offensive. But I actually think it removes the stinging power from most of the words and terms and pokes fun at them. A little curse-word necklace can be the perfect amount of edge for a sweet floral-print dress, or the crowning finish to an already decidedly downtown look. I’ve seen a lot of designer iterations, but I recommend going cheap or even DIY on this front. You might not channel your “eff off” mood everyday, and it might be a fad you find fleeting for yourself. But it’s definitely cool enough to take on a test drive, and give your look some quirk and attitude.

Etsy has some of the best and most affordable options if you don’t feel like DIYing.

I just ordered this one from the shop Charm Offensive, for only $10.00! The word 'bastard' is splendid - so powerful yet ridiculous. This shop has some other awesome options - though, warning, it also has some options that are actually pretty offensive that I would not wear or endorse. Just go in prepared and you could find something perfect for you.

For a cheekier, wink-wink twist, go the way of online lingo with a STFU charm necklace. It's still just aggressive enough but doesn't spell it out - and isn't annoying as s**t like "LOL." This simple-yet-cool necklace is $30 from the Metal Taboo Etsy shop.

Basically type a curse word and followed by "necklace" or "bracelet" into Etsy and you'll have your pickings. If you want to go a more creative and super cheap route, just swing by your bead store. I got a lifetime supply (seriously, it was like a sack of feed) of letter beads for $6.00, a spool of elastic thread for $3.00 and a bag of colorful beads for another $4.00. I can now make 4,567,812 bracelets so that's probs like $0.001 a bracelet. I happen to work near the wholesale and garment district which made finding those prices easy, so you can either buy a smaller quantity for about the same at an A.C. Moore or Michael's, or order wholesale supplies online.

The awesome thing about making your own, obviously, is that you can make it say anything. It can be your most empowering curse word, it can be a nickname, it can be an inside joke. You can make the art of accessorizing so personal – the ultimate expression of style but with a total goofball twist.
Par exemple, I made one that said “drop dead.” Because, I ride the 6 train everyday. I also made one for a friend that says “yeah brah” because that’s ridiculous. Do you, brahs!

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