Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KNO Clothing - Shop for a Cause with Fashion that Helps the Homeless

We are huge fans of shopping for a good cause. I mean, does it get any better? Shopping feels good as it is, but let’s face it, for purely selfish reasons. So when you get the chance to shop and have proceeds or even necessities go to those in need, how great is that? You’re not only getting the item(s) you want, you’re helping someone else get what they need. You can score that high any time over at KNO Clothing, the blissful combination of fashion and charity.

Founders Anthony Thomas and Stephen Caldwell had an interest in fashion but wanted to do more than just design and sell clothing. They, like all of us, were exposed day in and day out to the homeless and stopped to realize that every one of these people was a person with a story, and an important person to help. They wanted their fashion endeavors to help these people. They had started by volunteering in the movement to help the homeless and built relationships in that community, and from there KNO was born.

KNO works its charitable magic in more ways than one. It employs the sell-one-give-one approach, so every time you buy something from KNO, an item is given to a homeless person. That doesn’t mean if you get a dress, a homeless person is given a dress – those at KNO take into consideration what is really needed. So you might buy a dress and a person in need will receive a pair of shoes if that’s what is most required at that time. In addition, proceeds from KNO’s sales go toward the fight against homelessness. So, it’s win/win/win.

KNO went from assisting people in Pennsylvania alone when it started - still an amazing help -to now helping the homeless in over 200 communities across the United States. They have helped 50,000 people come to be in homes and distributed clothing to over 3,500 people - in just three years. Oh, and they use sustainable fashion and fairly made goods, so they're helping the environment, too. Pretty amazing. For the future, look out for more pop-up shops (like the one below) from KNO and new, exciting product launches this summer. KNO vows to keep coming up with more ways to give back, and we know anything they come up with will be awesome.

The pop-up I speak of, by the way, was a smash success and is definitely the kind of event you want to keep an eye out for, since it's not to be missed. Don't worry, we'll help by letting you know anything that we hear! The last pop-up was Saturday, June 22nd, and the shop went from 11AM to 7PM with a party from 5:30 to the end! With music, drinks courtesy of Brooklyn Soda Works, a photo booth and a raffle prize, I think it's safe to say this is the thing you'll put on your calendar when we hear of another one!

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