Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is in full swing and I am prepared this year. On one hand, going to the Hamptons every weekend, tanning on the beach and swimming in the pool is great, but on the other hand, I do not love being hot, sticky, sweaty, and an overall a gross mess. I have compiled my summer beauty “must haves” so grab a pen and paper and begin compiling your check list.

This cleanser is perfection for summer. At the end of the day, your grimy face needs a major wash. This cleanser will remove dirt, oil, sweat, and your makeup in a snap, leaving you with fresh, beautiful skin.

Look, I get it: you're stuck in the city and dying in this heat without a pool in sight. I can't help you with the weather, or lack of a pool, but I can advise you on something soothing and refreshing for your face: NYR's Facial Mist. This staple product is in my bag all summer long. Waiting for the subway and wanting to cry? Not a problem, a few sprays on my face and my skin is calmed, soothed, and refreshed. I can *almost* forget that giant rat who looks like he wants to crawl up and chew on my sandal.

This oil is to ‘die for’ and I basically cover myself head to toe with it. Because it is a dry oil, it absorbs super-fast without looking or feeling greasy. Moreover, it hydrates your face, body and hair. Who doesn't love an all-purpose product? I use both the Dry Oil and the Dry Oil with Shimmer. The light reflecting shimmer oil leaves my hair and skin with a subtle golden glow. You only need a few drops of oil for each area so the bottle will be sure to last you well past the summer.

I have been a major downer about the heat, I’m sure. Please don't get me wrong though, I love the summer! (Would maybe prefer for it not to get above 75 degrees unless I'm in the Hamptons, but what are you going to do?) Outdoor cafes and bringing Trixie to Central Park, covers my weekend days in the city, while Rooftop Bars take up my nights. I am EXHAUSTED! And as you can see, Trixie is clearly tired too!

This tiredness leaves me with a major issue: dark circles under my eyes. I don't know about you, but I always have them (so frustrating.) And let me tell you, I have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. While some do mask the darkness, by the middle of a hot day the concealer is melting, which is worse than the circles alone! I have finally found my summer solution and that’s Temptu's Undereye Concealer. It stays put all day and makes me look much more refreshed and awake then I actually am. The light-reflecting diamond dust helps me fool everyone. It comes in eight shades, so you are sure to find your perfect match.

Your eyes, cheeks, and lips will love this multi-stick. Infused with vitamin E and Shea butter, this stick leaves you moisturized with a sheer blush of color. I use the “I Put a Spell on You” shade, a bright tangerine color. It also comes in “Cheek to Cheek” a rich, warm red, “Tenderly” a pale pink, and “All of Me” a warm watermelon hue. Always floating around my bag, I almost always have it on my cheeks and lips.

Summer beauty should reach down to your fingertips, which is why I love the Nail Dresses by Kiss. Fun patterns and designs will leave your nails looking just as great as the rest of you. Sometimes I cover my entire nail, and sometimes I just cup them up and have some DIY nail art.

There you have it, you can now accept those beach house invitations and just hope your host doesn't make you bring your own sheets (this is becoming a Hamptons epidemic!)
          Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

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