Monday, July 8, 2013

The "Fashion Sweatshirt" - the Sleeper Hit on My Fall Wish List

The fashion sweatshirt. What does that mean? What makes something a fashion sweatshirt, you ask? That street style starlets will wear it, duh. So before you call your dad to tell him that his Saturday wardrobe of Champion sweatshirts in every color is very very right now, ask yourself: would Mira Duma or Taylor Tomasi Hill wear any of those sweatshirts? If the answer is yes then go ahead and make that long-distance call. But remember that it’s details like a Kenzo logo, a side zipper or notches at the hem that take a sweatshirt from yard work to front row.

The rise of the fashion sweatshirt, I suppose, was inevitable due to the recent rise in sporty style. And it took me a while to pay attention, because, like, sweatshirt. Low-key, casual, who cares, right? Wrong. This is the most effortless, comfortable way to wear the sleek, athletic trend. Being in fashion has literally never been easier. And so, surprising myself more than anyone, I have placed fashion sweatshirts on the top of my fall shopping list. I plan on wearing them with unique but sleek pencil skirts, dressed-up track pants (thematic!) and printed skinny pants.

The trend is so big, Business of Fashion just wrote about it. Which means it’s not just a fleeting fad but a business-shaping, bona fide trend. In honor of the smash success status, I give you my top five favorite options out right now. I’ll either be splurging on these, finding them on eBay to save a buck, or foregoing the triple-digit price tag all together for similar styles – and I advise you to do the same if you’d like your fall look to be sharp yet easy-breezy.

Cloud-print sweatshirt: KENZO, $300 at Net-A-Porter

Blue side-zip sweatshirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim, $525 at Net-A-Porter

Floral-Print sweatshirt: Paul Smith, $255

Loser sweatshirt: Wildfox, $150 at Coggle

 Lipstick-print sweatshirt: MSGM, $495 at Ssense

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  1. wow i didn't know/wasn't even aware of this upcoming trend ! but this concept is really cool/interesting ! i was never a big fan of sweatshirts but fashion sweatshiirts i may come to like ! thanks for sharing !