Friday, July 19, 2013

IFB's Links a la Mode Round-Up

Happy Friday! Our fashion sweatshirt post was included in IFB's weekly Links a la Mode round-up - along with some very awesome blogs, check 'em out!


Stylish Life

When you love fashion, it seeps into every bit of your life. Life lessons learned, come to light in a style context. Like searching for your soul in a pair of shoes, there are certainly many ways fashion can be the vehicle of wisdom. From working a retail job that teaches you about blogging, to seeing that all the "fashion rules" are meant to be broken, and how even the most casual piece of clothing can be the hot trend of the summer (never, say never!). This week we have a great mix of life lessons with summer essentials to get you through the weekend. So take a look, it's quite an amazing roundup this week!

Links a la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup!

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