Monday, July 22, 2013

SOF Scoop: Alyson Fox

Chameleon, renaissance girl – there are many ways of describing the many talents of Alyson Fox. The Austin-based artist/creator/designer works with many mediums to turn thoughtful inspiration into unique, special, stylish and innovative goods for your closet, your home and your life. Fashion has taken notice with Fox’s collaborations with buzz-worthy sites, brands and store like & Other Stories, Of a Kind, Madesmith – not to mention major home brands like West Elm. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating buying one of her vibrant geometric pieces for & Other Stories or you haven’t discovered her yet, we wanted to get to know Alyson Fox a little better and find more out about her incredible work.
SOF: How did you come to be an artist? 
Alyson Fox: I'm not entirely sure that I am an artist but I love to make things. I started college as a nutrition and fitness major and towards the end of my sophomore year I switched to art. I was feeling a little bit lost and my nana told me to take an art class as she thought I was always creative. I took all the intro classes and focused mostly on photography for my degree. When I was shooting, processing film and printing photographs it was the first time that I completely lost track of time. It was a great feeling and I wanted to explore that more. I applied to grad school and continued to explore my curiosities while earning my MFA focusing on many mediums. I find myself doing the same thing everyday....a little bit of this and that. 

SOF: Where do you find inspiration? 
AF: Hardware stores, building sites, empty rooms, people's messes, museums, traveling and being with my husband. 

SOF: What is your favorite medium to work with?  
AF: I seriously don't have one. Right now, I am loving making textiles and working on products with them. 
SOF: Can you talk a little about your collaborations with Of a Kind, & Other Stories, & Madesmith? 
AF: Of A Kind and Madesmith are lovely sites that tell personal stories about makers and offer exclusive designs by those designers. The founders really care about  providing special products with a thoughtful approach to selling. I love working with them because of that. & Other Stories is H & M's new higher end store that recently launched in Europe. They too create a thoughtful story behind their products with fantastic pictures, interviews, videos and collaborating with designers and stylists in a number of fun ways. I am honored to have been their first accessories collaborator. They were such a dream to work with and I am thrilled with how everything turned out. 

SOF: What are your upcoming collaborations? 
 AF: I have some rugs and blankets coming out with Hawkins New York in September. I love working with them and hope to continue on with more products in the future. I have a couple textiles coming out on bathrobes that I did for SMUK and then for my own personal line I have been collaborating with artisans in Africa, Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico on things to carry, hang, wear, use, and gift.  

SOF: What is a new avenue you'd like to explore in the future - any new medium or type of collaboration? 
AF: I would love to work on a film/animation. My dream collaborations would be to work on a active wear line and to work with Wes Anderson on wallpaper patterns and textile patterns for his creative world. I would love to witness his process. 

SOF: What is your favorite online store, and your favorite brick-and-mortar store? 
 AF: Online store is Maryam Nassir Zadeh and brick-and-mortar store is Erie Basin.

SOF: What is the last thing you bought? 
AF: Plaster.

Check out Alyson Fox's website here for info on her projects and collaborations!

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