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Matchy-Matchy in a Good Way: Color Coordinate Your Manicure and Clutch

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I think I first came upon the idea on Net-A-Porter - they suggested you "match your manicure" to a certain clutch. Matching shoes and bags, matching manicures and pedicures - they're all a serious shudder fest because of their '90s (not in a good way) prom connotation. But this? Maybe in ten years it will join the ranks of the other two matchy-matchy ideas, but it does have the fact that it's less ubiquitous going for now. At any rate, in this present moment, it's cool. It's sleek, polished and high-impact. Whether it's metallic or neon or primary or pastel - it shows you chose to make one very chic statement.

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It's probably easier to find a nail polish shade to match your favorite clutch, but I like to make things unnecessarily difficult for myself for your entertainment, so I had Sutton pick five of her favorite new spring shades and I will find accompanying clutches, so you can try the matchy look yourself!

First up: pastels. Sutton and I are both obsessed with Deborah Lippmann's shimmery pastels for this spring/summer, so she picked Do The Mermaid, this lavender shade.

 And I picked this Rochas clutch ($225) to pick up the lighter tone:
 Or this Stella McCartney clutch ($407) to pick up the darker tone:

For neon hues, Sutton picked Bottle Service from Essie's 2013 collection. And I found THREE different clutch options for you because I'm amazing. Or because there are a lot to choose from - tomato/tomAHto.

For an everyday, chic and understated leather option, try this Michael Michael Kors clutch ($58):

For an on-trend, directional look, try this clear clutch ($25):

Or, for a dressier finish, accessorize with this structured box clutch ($22):

For pale, neutral hues, Sutton picked OPI's Privacy Please, from the Soft Shades by OPI collection.

To match it, pick a clutch that keeps it neutral, with blush and nude tones. This blush clutch from Dorothy Perkins ($14) is quietly hued, yet it's anything but bland. Scalloped detail and softly glittered gold panels make it a glamorous way to wear neutrals.

For metallics, Sutton went a colorful way with Zoya's Irresistible Metallic Collection, for a mix of pastel and shine. I was tasked with matching Hazel, a blue hue.

And voila, this Anya Hindmarch clutch ($275) from The Outnet is kind of perfect, no? It's such a pretty blue and has serious shimmer factor - the manicure and clutch combo would be instantly glamorous in a modern way.

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