Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have a Fever and the Only Cure is...Dr. Martens

I got my first Dr. Martens when I was ten years old. They were floral-print and they were AWESOME. It’s been a long-term, serious love affair since then. Once I entered into the world of punk, I felt an innate bond with my favorite bands over our shared love of this chosen footwear – and I loved that I could wear a hot pink and/or star-print version of their steel-toed black versions. Dr. Martens are timeless. They’re tough. They’re punk. And they can also be statement-making, pretty, loud, bold, vibrant – just awesome. They’re also affordable, which is amazing nowadays for something that will literally last forever. Wandering past a Dr. Martens store near Union Square yesterday reignited the flames of passion – and I think I’m going to be investing in at least three pairs this fall. My favorite trends - which I recommend for an instant wardrobe update? The statement-making floral prints, bold brilliant brights, high-shine metallics, animal prints and studs!

To find yours, either head to the Dr. Martens site or cruise over to one of my favorite Docs destinations, Thirteen Vintage

Handbags and Hugs,


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  1. I still have my docs! I got mine when I was 13!! Can't wait to see what you buy this fall!