Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume I

Full disclosure: I have a few beauty secrets that I have always kept to myself but I was feeling guilty so I am going to share with you. It pains me to think of you stumbling through your routine without these ten golden tips. You're welcome.

1.) Removing Glitter Nail Polish
          If you have ever worn any type of glitter nail polish, then you have probably done what I used to do, which is just leave it on until basically half your nail has grown out so you don't have to go through the horror (yes, that is how I would describe it) of removing the nail polish. Now it's no problem because I have learned a handy trick. I soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and place it on my nail. Then I rip off a piece of tin foil and wrap it around my finger. Wait a few minutes, and then just pull off the tin foil and cotton ball and say goodbye to the glitter.

2.) Dry Nail Polish in a Pinch
          I paint my nails at least once a week (usually two or more times...maybe like four) and I HATE waiting for my polish to dry. I hate even more waking up with the texture of my sheets embedded into my nails even though I waited hours after painting them to go to sleep - ridiculous. If you fill a bowl or cup with very cold water and dip each hand in for a 30 seconds to a minute, boom, your nails are dry.

3.) Stop Hair Breakage
          You know how your hair always looks super long right when you get out of the shower but once it's dry it's shorter? Well, that is because while it is drying it shrinks. So never put your hair in a ponytail when wet, because as your hair dries and shrinks it will snap in the ponytail.

4.) No More Blisters in High Heels
          Heels are NOT comfortable ("ohh but this pair is so comfy" - yeah, keep telling yourself that). If you put some baby powder on your feet or inside your shoes, then your feet won’t sweat and you won’t get blisters. (Fine, you may still get blisters, but they won’t be as bad and they'll be less, and when did I say this would work if you are wearing heels all night dancing like a fool?)

5.) Remove Mascara with No Makeup Remover
          You should NEVER go to bed with eye makeup on, but sometimes you don't have remover, like if you're staying somewhere other than home. You can use Vaseline to get off every last trace of eye make-up, mascara or lip stick. Just apply some to a cotton ball and wipe away. If I have on stubborn makeup then Vaseline is always my go to; one swipe and it's gone.

6.) Getting the Perfectly Smooth Manicure
          Having a bubbly or uneven manicure is never a good look. The reason is because basically everyone paints their nails incorrectly. You want to start painting in the middle of your nails and paint outward towards the sides. This will create a smooth finish and you won't get excess nail polish on the sides of your nails. You also always want to use a base coat, this will keep the polish from turning your nails a yellow color and will help the polish last longer. 

7.) Primer Primer Primer
          Always put on a primer before applying make-up, including face and eyes. No one wants to end the night with a runny face. Primer should be everyone’s secret tool - you might skip it when make-up shopping, but it's essential. It's the secret to ending those crease-clogging cream eye shadow woes.

8.) Never See Wrinkles
          Okay, I do not have a magic trick for you to NEVER develop wrinkles, except for something involving cryogenics, but I can tell you how to hold them at bay for longer. You need to start using anti-aging products before you ever think you need them. Even if you feel like you're insulting yourself - it's all about being proactive. It's never too early. I like to use the Yes to Blueberry products. They have anti-aging, wrinkle reducing products that really work and are very inexpensive. I especially enjoy the night cream.

9.) Longer Locks
          There is nothing worse than wanting your hair to grow longer... waiting is like, well, watching hair grow. Use coconut milk once a week, rub onto hair and scalp and leave on for an hour. This will not only help your hair grow faster but will also make it thick. (Buying the canned coconut milk is fine.)

10.) Look Wide Awake
          Have tired, sleepy eyes with some nice bags under them? That sounds really attractive. Quick fix: pat on aloe vera, which will temporarily firm the eye area, or place a cold caffeinated tea bag over the eye for a few minutes.

Do you have any tips or secrets? Please share in the comment box or email them to me SobbingOnFifth@gmail.com

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


  1. I love all these! I am writing them down as we speak. Aloe vera under the eyes is a new one - going to try that this week.

    1. That one is a great trick, let me know if you like it, and tell me if you have any I should know about!

  2. Yes we cannot deny the fact that wrinkles will appear but there are ways to prevent wrinkles for longer. Using products like “Yes to Blueberry” may help you reduce wrinkles.