Friday, October 12, 2012

Willa Drops at Henri Bendel

Last night Astor and I attended an event at Henri Bendel, along with some of our favorite magazines and blogs like People Style Watch and Seventeen Magazine, to celebrate the launch of Willa (yes we were honored!). Willa Doss is a twelve-year-old with her own beauty line "Willa." Yes, I was extremely jealous, but all you can be is happy for her when you meet this pint-size beauty genius. Dressed in Zara and bright pink Doc Martens, she could not be cuter. Willa is unbelievably eloquent and knowledgeable for a seventh grader and I did not want to stop chatting with her. Her mom Christy Prunier has helped Willa create a line of products for the tween age group, and this line is basically the only one that has products with adorable packaging and that is paraben-free and made in the USA. (Her mom has been so supportive of her, and Astor and I are working on getting adopted.)

But I must be honest with you: while they may have been created for 'tweens,' I use most of the incredible seventeen products in the collection. Willa created the line because she couldn't find products that worked for her age group - ambitious much? Anyway, the results are a group of products that are actually tailor-made for that important age group (their mission statement is "start young, stay young," teaching a new generation of girls to start skin care now). They make a great gift for tweens in your life, and seriously, you'll want to use them, too, from the makeup wipes and face mask to the fun lip glosses.

You can meet Willa if you stop by Henri Bendel this Saturday October 13th. Bonus: if you spend $50 you get the cutest cell phone case. (PS: her line ranges from $1.75 to $14.50 so by spending $50 you will get a ton of products.)

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,



  1. Wow! So what do you get for 1.75? I would pay that just to walk around with a bag from Henri bendel! Hahaha

  2. For $1.75 you get a cucumber face mask and the lip shimmer is only $6.50, who knew everyone could afford something at Henri Bendel. I strongly suggest you go there and buy something, and walk around with the Henri Bendel shopping bag every day until it falls apart :)

  3. That it literally cheaper than taking the subway, so I can walk home from work, pickup a new product from bendel and I have actually saved money, gotten my exercise and I'm treating myself to a mask - you have honestly made my Friday!