Thursday, October 18, 2012

Somme Institute

Washes, serums, exfoliates, moisturizers, anti aging, aging prevention, acne issues.... how does one decide what to use? Face it (face it, get it? ha...ha), skin care can get a bit confusing. Different products do different things, but what if you have multiple skin care concerns (which basically everyone does)? Well, I have found you the answer... dun dun dun! Somme Institute products. They sent me over some to try and then I ended up buying some of the products because I loved them so much.

I will now outline my daily skin regimen that truly works, and believe me, I have tried many.

First, I start with the Nourishing Cleanser. It cleans my face without over-drying. (And this product is basically good for all skin types, wasn't just 'made for Sutton' which is what I would prefer to believe.)

After cleansing and patting my skin dry (never rub) I use the Transport Pads. These cotton pads have so many benefits for me, they exfoliate my skin without being too harsh (have you noticed that it is hard to find an exfoliating product that is gentle but actually works)?

Please use serum! I cannot tell you how important this step is, that so many people seem to skip (I am talking to you, Astor). Serums are the most concentrated treatments for your skin. This serum targets so skin issues; sun damage, acne, texture, etc.

A-Bomb is probably my favorite product. Not only does it lightly moisturize my skin but high concentrations of vitamin A and E help to even out my skin tone by speeding up cell renewal also helping to treat and prevent fine lines and breakouts. A-mazing (sorry, feeling punny today). 

Now for the last step in my routine - sun protection. I can't stress enough how vital it is to wear an SPF on your skin daily. Double defense is perfect for this. The nourishing yet light weight SPF 30 protects my skin from the suns damaging rays, ensuring healthy skin now and for the future.

You can also get the Somme Institute Intro Kit, which is a one week trial of all 5 products. I LOVE when companies do this, what a great way to try out products! 

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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