Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get the Naeem Khan Reverse French Manicure

I cannot get over these reverse french nails from Naeem Khan, classic with a fun twist. I figured out a very easy way to get this look yourself even if you are a newbie with nail art.

First I painted my entire nail with one of my favorite CND nail polishes. It is a very sheer color which works with this manicure. (Can be worn alone for a classic girly look, I also use it as a top coat to make any nail color shimmery).

Gold Shimmer Effects Polish $11.00

After letting the gold dry I used small round stickers I bought at the drug store, you could also use Reinforces, anything that is round will work. Cover the moon of you nail with the sticker.

Then I used my BB nail polish in Poppy Passion, which is a red/orange hue. BB nail polish dries super shiny the way shellac nail polish does. I'm not sure what they do, but it always has a smooth finish. (And I love that they don't use formaldehyde, and includes a base and top coat.)

BB Nail Polish in Poppy Passion $10.95

Then you just want to do a coat of your second color over your nail while the sticker is still on.


I loved how easy this manicure was to do so I decided to try it with a classic french manicure, but of course with a twist. Using the stickers made it have a nice curve, and I obviously had to do fun colors.

I started with Nailtiques Protein Nail Polish in Moscow, which is a beautiful red. A great color to be worn alone on trimmed nails.
Nailtiques in Moscow $10.00

After letting the red dry, I used BB nail polish in Blind Love. This color is great because with only one coat you get the full color; I have found that some metallic nail polishes need numerous coats.

BB Nail Polish in Blind Love $10.95

After the red coat was completely dry, I placed the yellow stickers over my nail and left a lot of room on the edge of my nail to get a super think french mani and used the metallic BB polish.

Have any manicures you want me to try? Let me know!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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