Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't Your Nails Look Dapper? DIY Tuxedo Nails

Today I was feeling a little fancy and needed my nails to match. I was in the menswear mood, but didn't want to go all-out Tilda Swinton so I decided to leave the tux look on my nails. I have wanted to try tuxedo nails for a while and found a very simple way to do it, and all I needed was white polish and a nail art pen.

I started with a totally white base and then used the Sally Hansen nail art pen in black.
Available for purchase at most drugstores; I saw prices from $7 to $9

 After the white polish dried I used the pen to make 5 small dots on the nail.

Now use the pen to connect the dots which will make a bow tie and then make a french manicure line on the edge of the nail.

Finally use the point to make 3 small dots between the bow and french manicure line.

Now go throw on your party dress (or sweatpants like me because you don't have plans tonight) and enjoy.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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