Monday, October 8, 2012

What's At My Desk

I must say that I love my large corner office with its picturesque view of Manhattan... okay,  I'm actually in a cubicle surrounded by windowless walls. BUT, I have made my desk my own with all of the things that I need and use on an almost daily basis.

I always need to keep some chocolate around me, for it is a vital key to my survival. I love Edward Marc's chocolate covered pretzels. Salty & sweet, how could one say no?

$18 (12 Pieces)

Fine, I will admit my dirty little secret: my skin likes to get oily. A shiny face is not a good look, so I use Tatcha Beauty Papers to fix this issue. I like that it doesn't affect my make-up while mopping up the grease (Eww! How gross did that sound?)


I use Yes To Blueberries face towels when I need a real pick-me-up during the day, and some refreshment for my skin. They clean and moisturize my skin simultaneously - quite convenient! (Major benefit: they also brighten up my skin).


OMG Rodin Lip Balm. Need I say more? Okay, I guess I can if you insist. This balm is amazing and is all natural and sheer, and SO moisturizing. Truly leaves my lips super soft, with a light floral scent. And how can you not love the cool lucite case?


You may have noticed that I am a bit crazy about my nails and how they look. Not only do I change polish regularly, but I also use CND cuticle eraser everyday to moisturize and strengthen them - plus it has a yummy scent.


In case you don't know anything at all, putting a coat of clear nail polish every other day makes your manicure last so much longer, keeping the polish super shiny. Topshop's base/top coats dry super fast, which really helps me, as I am pretty sure painting my nails at my desk isn't my boss's ideal use of company time.

Topshop, Personal Shopping at 212.9669455

This product is a hand cream but on the top portion is a lip balm. Umm, how has this not been thought of before? I love any 2-in-1 product as I am lazy, and this gem is perfect as I put hand cream and lip balm on about 1,000 times a day. It doesn't hurt that they both smell amazing - I am also obsessed with all things coconut scented.

Okay, so perhaps I don't always get the required 8 hours of sleep and 8 glasses of water daily. And there may have been one or two times that my eyes have dark circles and puffiness. I also have a serious fear of wrinkles and the skin around the eyes tends to wrinkle first, so, needless to say, I am super neurotic about eye cream, and VBeautes Eye Never Eye Cream takes care of all of my issues (the caffeine in this eye cream zaps puffiness much faster than a nap does) Weird I have this at my desk? Negative, I believe I just said I was neurotic about eye cream.

Is there a worse feeling then needed a pair of Tweezers and not having them? No, in fact there is not. I have learned this lesson many times and now always keep a pair handy at my desk. They are obviously Tweezerman Tweezers, as those are the best, they work so well and this is one thing I never skimp on, have you ever used a pair of cheap tweezers? It is mission impossible. (The best part: You can send in your tweezers to Tweezerman and they will sharpen them for free, so their tweezers literally last forever).


The last thing that I always have handy is "My BFF Organizer" Our little cousin, who is still in school, is in love with it. This brought me back to being at Prep School with Astor and then college. We had giant allowances and no jobs, good times. I was, of course, jealous of my cousin. What can I say: I have trouble seeing other people with things that I don't have. (Bonus: was able to convince Daddy to buy it "as it would really help further my career" -  a bit of a stretch but whatever).


What necessities do you keep at your desk?

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


  1. Advil!!! And assorted shoes, flip flops and mints

  2. Ohh such good ones! I think I need to add those.