Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Beauty Sunday

It's that time again... when I take one full day and pamper myself. And yay that day is today! I really need it, last night Astor and I went to Via Quandronno for cappuccinos and I was up late.

Now that it is chilly enough I needed to soak in the bath, a girl can get so sore from carrying around all of my shopping bags. I love the bath at my parent’s apartment... almost as large as a Jacuzzi. Unfortunately I only have a regular-size tub, which in NYC I suppose I have to be happy I don't only have a shower stall. Don't fret; I was able to turn my normal-size tub (ugh) into a spa experience.

Stress Less Bath Salts $16; Bubble Bath $13

After pouring in half a cup of each the bath salts and bubble bath (both with a lavender scent, my favorite), I was ready to hop in and soaked for a good 20 minutes until I felt completely relaxed.

Malin + Goetz moisturizing shampoo, intensive hair mask $25 each

Sometimes I need some moisture, lucky me I have oily hair... that's also dry. I need something to really clean it while ALSO replenishing it. These both do all of that, smell great and leave my hair soft and shiny, what else could one want?

IOMA Absorbant Mask $125

I have an obsession with face masks; you can find at least eight in my medicine cabinet, not including the armoire that I keep full of beauty supplies - no, that’s not weird. This IOMA mask has to be one of my favorites: it zaps bacteria to leave you with clear radiant skin, plus it tightens up my pores. I use it twice a week: apply on skin, leave for ten minutes and rinse off, easy peasy.

I had to leave my apartment yesterday to go and get some waxing and threading done... sorry if this is TMI, but you were the one who wanted to read about my day.

I went downtown to Strip Ministry & Browhaus on Spring Street. They are the bext waxers in NYC, and I have tried so many places. All technicians are fully trained from the original techs in who opened the Singapore location.

I started with my brows, THERE IS NOT A BETTER PLACE FOR BROWS EVER. (And I so want you to know where I go, I can see your caterpillar eyebrows from here!) Saying I went to get a 'brow threading' would be the understatement of the year. I get the Bowgraphy: threading, tweezing and brow tinting. I naturally have lovely almost invisible eyebrows, so I love getting them tinted. I'm not sure if they use a measuring tape or something but they always turn out perfect. Lay back in the reclining chair while they work away. You're leaving a totally new person. I work hard on my eye makeup and messy brows totally ruin that.

And next... Daddy if you happen to have visited the blog and are reading this post I suggest you tune out now. If you are still reading I will be expecting a call later this week, that's when the Amex bill comes right? Anyway, where was I? Oh right, my Brazilian. If you ever wax anything below the belt, live in NYC and are not going to Strip Ministry there is seriously something wrong with you. It is actually very simple. Hygiene: they never double dip the applicator sticks, that is so disgusting. And they always wear gloves (they even have hygiene wipes for you to use when you enter the room). Speed & pain: face it, no one wants to get a wax and be there forever, awkward much? This is the most painless Brazilian you could possibly want, they use a hard wax instead of a strip wax. The wax is applied and hardens in a few seconds and is then taken off. No strips required, they cause so much pain and that tugging sensation. Their wax is chocolate, only made for the Strip Ministry locations, so you will not find it anywhere else, and smells so yummy. (They are actually launching a new scented wax for the winter, Gingerbread, I'm so excited, don't worry I will let you know more when they launch it, I honestly believe this wax deserves its own post!)Now go make your appointment and tell me all about it 212.431.1121

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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