Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Makeup Brush Holder


I love the website PS I Made This. It's jam packed with DIY ideas, from accessories to jewelry to fashion, this site has it all! They have projects for every level of crafter and I end up copying a ton of their ideas. So, when I saw their makeup brush holder, I had to have one of my own and I think you should too!


It was so easy to make - all you need is chalk, a glass and salt. PS I Made This used regular street chalk, I didn't have any of that at home, but I did have some soft pastels. (From a semi-unsuccessful attempt at hair chalking.)

First, I poured the salt onto a plate, PS I Made This shows that you can just wipe the chalk onto the pile of salt. This did not work with my soft pastels so I just crumbled the pastel into the salt and mixed it up.


PS I Made This did an ombré effect with purple chalk - I chose to use layers of different colors. I started by pouring in plain salt followed by pink, green, and purple.

After I poured all the salt into the glass I stuck my makeup brushes into the salt. (I cover most of my brushes with Brush Guards.) Now I can display my makeup brushes in style, much more fun and practical then hiding them in a drawer!

If you try this DIY, I would love to see pictures! Email me at

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