Monday, September 16, 2013

Zang Toi SS14

The Zang Toi SS14 show opened with a ballet dancer - it was a pleasant surprise, a reminder of the world outside of fashion as well as a reminder to take it back to the basics and remember that fashion is about celebrating beauty. Whether that beauty is unconventional and edgy or timelessly glamorous as it is at Zang Toi, we should remember that at the end of the day, clothes are not about getting us photographed or upping our status, they're about making us feel beautiful and happy to be wearing something we love. Zang Toi's designs are always a clear path to that state of mind, and the SS14 collection was no different. From daytime looks that were feminine and classic yet decidedly modern, sophisticated and even subtly downtown (almost a '90s, minimalist, Soho look, on trend with what we've been seeing) - to evening looks that embodied Zang Toi's signature drama, this was the wardrobe of the girl who is busy and contemporary-chic but still wants to feel beautiful.

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  1. So cool that the show opened with a dancer! I found your blog on ifb and I think it’s great!