Monday, September 23, 2013

Sheila Johnson Fall 2013 Collection: Vérité

You know my thoughts on accessories. They make or break your look. Without them, the most extravagant outfit is boring, with them, even the most boring outfit is suddenly incredibly chic - and it's totally effortless. Especially with a great scarf. That t-shirt's not just a t-shirt, that jacket's not just a jacket with a great scarf. Its texture and pattern will make your outfit instantly curated and street style star-worthy. This is why I love Sheila Johnson. Her scarves are stunning. At $395, they're investment pieces but just that - an investment because you will literally have, love and wear them forever. The price is justified when it's something you can use to transform your look everyday, season after season. Plus, proceeds from sales benefit the Lady Salamanders, the women's division of Street Soccer USA.

Sheila Johnson just relaunched her site, just in time for her fall 2013 collection, Vérité.

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