Monday, September 9, 2013

Sole Provisions: Find Shoes You Love that Love You Back


You know my thoughts on Birkenstocks. This has catalyzed an existential crisis – or perhaps a reawakening of sorts as opposed to the negative term crisis – of personal style. On-trend, cool item that is comfortable and effortless. GAH. Fashion, comfortable? And they said it couldn’t be done.

But I surprised myself by falling for mandals of the Celine and Marni variety, getting the look with Birkenstocks. So, maybe I’m just full of surprises, maybe we all are. Maybe I shouldn’t write off any trend or look without checking it out first to see if I really hate it or love it. When the site Sole Provisions was introduced to me, I must admit, I was skeptical. Comfortable shoes literally billed as comfortable shoes usually have that orthopedic look. But I was pleasantly, again, surprised.

You will find plenty of shoes on Sole Provisions that your Aunt Louise would rock while playing Canasta, sure. But that’s also due to the fact that there are plenty of shoes on the site in general – like, tons. And so for every pair that Aunt Louise would fancy, there’s one for you. This was quite the discovery. So many of the shoes on Sole Provisions are primed for the new look in sandals and shoes – they’re sporty, they’re sleek, they’re tomboyish. There are metallic sandals with wide, minimalist straps, and sporty, strappy shoes that would partner perfectly with the fashion sweatshirt and side-zipped skirts and jerseys. While there are, yes, tons of shoes, it’s easy to browse and immediately narrow your choices down to on-trend appeal.

I chose these:

From the brand Orthaheel, they're patent leather sandals with beaded straps and cork heels. The straps are really cute, I love the Bohemian beading and you can tell it's done so well that it will really last. The cork heel, contoured to the shape of the foot, makes it feel like you're walking on air - really well supported air. These shoes are totally schooling me on the issue of style and comfort being able to peacefully co-exist. When you can find a pair of shoes that is really, really cute, goes with everything you own, and is ridiculously comfortable, it's hard not to make them your everyday choice. And when you're talking a price like $80, that's a pretty amazing deal.

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